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hello, this is my Run Run Run DVD with a photocard of Jonghun. It’s been awhile tumblr. 1st sem is over so I guess I should at least update my account ^__^ Happy vacation :)

from baby dance

it evolved

and became Rainism

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they’re really hardworking even they look tired

but they don’t forget to play around XD

and the sweetness ♥

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playing around + hugging each other

doing a prank joke to someone (Minari♥, their other playmate)

sharing laughs :D

or just having a sweet conversation :”>

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omg omg omg omg omg i cannot fucking wait.

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hi, i'm Lovely, just a typical girl, i eat a lot, easily cry, i love to read, i love watching movies, blue is my color, I don't easily get mad unless you'll ruin my trust, LOVE me, be my Friend and i will definitely love you back :)i blog and reblog, i make my own rants and typos. If you're a kpop lover, i have a separate tumblr blog for my kpop addiction:HERE . This is a personal blog, I express what I think, feel, love or hate here so please respect my blog. By the way I'm 18 years old from the Philippines. Message me? Don't worry I don't bite :)

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